Microphone doesnt work after update to Windows 8.1


I have an Asus G75VX, which I bought just over a year ago and not too long ago I upgraded it to W8.1 from W8. Before, the microphone always worked fine, but as I tried to Skype earlier today, it wasn't working. On closer inspection, the drivers supposedly seem right and the built in microphone is detected, but when I record my 'voice' with the voice recording software of Windows, all I get is a soft white noise. Screaming at the mic or tapping on it doesn't do anything either. I have all BIOS updates and driver updates possible from the ASUS website for my laptop. Could the microphone be broken? Anyone else have this issue?

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  1. Hello?
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    i would right click the "volume icon" and go to "recording devices"
    make sure the correct device is selected and "set default"
    also click the device and select properties, make sure the settings are correct there as well.
  3. The problem is, I tried that already. );
    There is only one microphone on my laptop and that's the only one it detects. I've checked the properties and the drivers are all up to date.
    I guess I'll have to RMA my laptop again. Before the Hard drive and Motherboard was broken.
    Thanks anyway! :)
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