Having Issues with connecting four laptops to a router to create a LAN party without connecting to internet.

Hello. I am in high school technology class where I personally assist the technology administrator around school. One of my projects is to create a LAN party using four Dell laptops, and connecting them to a Cisco router. Allowing all four laptops to communicate with each other to play an emulated Nintendo 64 game. I am trying to get these laptops to communicate with each other, to then allow users of these laptops to play emulated games. The catch is that these laptops run off the Windows XP operating system, which I cannot connect to the school's network with due to the school's technology policies. I am having problems with getting these four laptops to connect to each other to create a Local Area Network completely separated from the school's network. Each laptop has working Ethernet ports, and the Cisco router works just fine. I appreaciate any help. I hope that the information given is helpful, and if needed I will try my best to input any more information for you guys. Thanks.
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  1. When you say cisco router are we talking about a something like a Cisco series commercial router with 16-24 ports are we talking about a Cisco SOHO router with 4 lan ports? If it is a commercial router then you could have all kinds of port security in the router blocking you.
  2. A simple switch should do the trick if you assign static IPs. Or any old router with the WAN port unplugged to provide DHCP service.

    Unless the situation is more complicated than my reading of your post.
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