My CPU is over heating

I am usually a stickler for temperature on my gaming rig,making sure everything is a safe temperature such as when it's idol at 30c and when I play my games it usually is between 60c-80c , but more recently when I bought watch dogs It ramped up all the way the 99c! and this goes for other games too, causing my PC to shut down. I was thinking maybe my processor is going bad? because cooling shouldn't be a issue, my case has seven fans.
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  1. Tell us more about your rig... what's your CPU and cooling? Are you overclocking?

    There will definitely be a way to get your CPU down to sensible temperature again...
  2. I am not over clocking and
    here are my specs:
    2x gtx760's via SLI
    AMD FX-8120 eight core processor
    6tb's of hard drive space
    1300w power supply
    34gigs of memory
    my case is the throne from rosewell
  3. Are you using stock cooling on your CPU? Time for an upgrade - try a Hyper 212 Evo

    The problem might be as simple as the motor on your stock CPU fan getting worn out
  4. I just upgraded actually, the fans work fine, and if they weren't I could just replace them.
  5. my cpu cooler is a Cooler Master Hyper N520
  6. You upgraded the fans - case fans? What case? What fans? What cooling have you on the CPU?
  7. well my case is the throne from rosewell with all the default seven fans, my cpu cooler is the Cooler Master Hyper N520.
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    IF your cooler is the N520... I think it's seated on your CPU wrong. A tower fan that big shouldn't be letting your CPU hit 100C. Try running Prime95 and use something like real temp and see how high your CPU temp goes.

    Also check around our CPU heatsink for clearance, is it making solid contact with the top of the CPU? is it getting caught on a motherboard heatsink? RAM? etc. If everything looks right, it may be a case of not enough thermal paste? Try dismounting the heatsink, re-applying the paste and re-seating it.
  9. It is facing the right way, if I point it the other way in my case the air flow will cause it overheat even more, the way it's pointed has the air flow all coming out the back of my pc. I just replaced the thermal paste last night actually, it seems that maybe my computer doesn't like watch dogs because when it's doing nothing it sits at 30c, but the second I run uplay and watch dogs it rams up to 70c and doesn't stop getting hotter until my bios turns of my pc. Nvida geforce experience says I can run everything on the highest setting, but even on the main menu my computer gets baked. So I'm thinking it's software, but I did order a new processor giving that mine is a few years old.
  10. So I only have a little thermal paste left, I'll try to repaste, but if nothing hopefully the brand new processor will work better and etc. Thanks for the help guys.
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