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I have Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Google Voice number.
How can use Outlook to dial Google Voice number ?
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  1. Those are not directly interlinked like that.

    While there is an address book in outlook, you woul dneed some sort of VoIP software and service on your computer/device for outlook to send the number to and dial.
  2. I searched for VIOP for Outlook but not successful
    Do you have suggestion for any VIOP software?
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    There is this, but it requires you have a phone line plugged into your computer:

    I would instead try to syncronize outlook and gmail contacts (gmail contacts being what gvoice will use). There are many programs out there to perform the sync, some doing auto syncs. Once setup you can then access the same contact via google voice website.

    The outlook dialer was ment to be for phone lines, there is some VOIP programs that have addons for outlook, but they are their own standalone programs that require a subscription with them, not google voice. Thats what I ment when I said you would need a program/service on your computer.

    There is word of google possibly developing an addon for outlook for gvoice, but nothing more, does not seem like something in massive demand. Since there is no dedicated PC program for google voice there is no way to interface outlooks dialer to a webpage, so without an addon taping in to googles web api for gvoice it is just not possible to do it how you want.
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