Games freeze after startup, crash to desktop with all the ingame sound and curser.

So basically today I recently bought Watch_Dogs. But since the Uplay servers are crashed, i decided to keep messing with it and eventually get into the game. I start the new story, and it goes about half way then crashes. Figured launch day problems.

I decided to go play DayZ. I load up the game and as soon as i get to the title screen everything freezes. Eventually it crashes to the desktop, i can still see the DayZ curser and all the sounds. I alt tab trying to get back into the game but with no luck.I try again with another game. I loaded up LoL, found a game and loading screen went fine. After reaching the Rift my game froze then jumped straight back to the desktop with the same problems as before.

I have tried numerous steam games as well as other disc games with the same result. This has been happening to me all day since I got home and it is really frustrating me.

I have made sure that all my drivers are up to date and i have seen no better end result.

PC Specs
AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5 GHz
Biostar A960D+ Micro ATX
MSI Radeon 7770 GFX
G-Skill 8gb Memory Stick
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HD
Cooler Master Elite 350
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  1. Did you reboot or shutdown and power-on again?
  2. I have been having the same exact problem... no error message just a slight freeze then straight to desktop.
  3. What does Event Viewer log when this happens? What are your temps when the crash occurs?
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