Alternative ways to cleaning out my pc?

I don't have any compressed air. Are there any other ways to cleanm out my pc. I have non static wipes ment for electronics. will those work? Thanks in advanced
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  1. Vacuum cleaner w/ attachment nozzle but, Be Careful!
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    The wipes will work but will be messy. you should power down your rig 20-30 minutes before using the wipes and wait a solid hour before applying power when you're done.
  3. yes seriouslky if you use a vacume clear make sure its a weak one and BE CARFUL AND GROUND YOURSELF
  4. Vacuums are great, but they also create static like mad. be careful and keep it grounded. If the vac has a metal nozzle, touching the case will disperse some but not all the charge.

    There are special vacuums made for electronics that produce greatly reduced ESD, but these can cost a bit.
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