new gpu stuttering problems

Hello guys some assistance required here. I have recently upgraded my gpu and encountered a problem I cannot get my head around.
Previously had a 6770 running perfect no issues with 4gb ram, q8200 cpu, and 550w 12v 25a psu. Now I have purcashed a 7850 for a reasonable £100 but games and in general Web browsing are stuttering and laggy. Now heres the thing. If I do not connect my gamepad or wireless adaptor to the computer at startup all is fine and gpu activity remains at 0% at idle. But having them both plugged in causes gpu activity to hit 99% with gpu temps soaring. Is my psu faulty?

Also I have 6 additional hd audio devices in ccc?
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  1. Also it seems I have 6 additional hd audio devices in ccc?
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