XBOX original OS on modern-day Intel CPU?

Not sure if this goes here, but is it possible? I'm talking about the original XBOX that was released before 2000 or early 2000s. It's supposed to run a modded Intel Pentium III, and the OS is a Windows XP/2000. So will it work on a Intel Pentium 4 HT?
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  1. Um, i'm not sure if we can answer questions like this. can a mod or someone who knows chime in?
  2. You cannot run the XBox OS on a standard PC.
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    are you upgrading the xbox CPU or going to use the OS on a computer

    use xbox os on a computer
    no that's not possible as you don't have the OS's source
    and the OS is designed to run on Specific hardware with Pentium III

    upgrade the CPU of the console
    that's also not possible because the OS doesn't support HT technology and is designed to run with 700MHZ PIII

    by the way, the original Xbox OS uses a modified windows 2000 kernel and it was released in 2001
  4. Ohkay, thanks. I thought since they all are 32-bit it's compatible.
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