Memory Clock Speed Problems ( AMD RADEON HD 7770 )


I bought 3-4 months ago a new video card from MSI ( R7770-PMD1GD5 ) , which I was thinking was good but after testing it for a week , i was very disappointing . Anyway today I have just seen an article about Overclocking so I said "Why not to try it" and accidentally i found tht my video card Memory Clock Speed was only 1000 Mhz . I said that the program was wrong so I tested it with GPU-Z and the same result .. My video card is running only with 1000 Mhz Memory Speed when it should tun on 4500 mhz .

My question is : "Why only 1000 Mhz . !?!?" I checked on the website I bought it and also on the MSI Official website and it said clear that this videocard normally moust have 4500 MHZ Memory Clock .

Please HELP ME !
Thank's !

MSI Official website :
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    That is showing perfectly correct. 7770's uses GDDR5 memory which is quad data rate memory. Your GPU-Z shows the base (real) memory clock speed then you times that by 4 for the effective memory clock speed.

    1125MHz x 4 = 4500MHz
  2. Thank's for help ... Also .. Can you help me OverClicking the GPU ?
  3. I use MSI Afterburner for GPU overclocking. It can be found here.

    Then, you can follow this guide to help you with overclocking using Afterburner. Read it carefully and follow it closely.

    How to Overclock Your Video Card and Boost Your Gaming Performance

    If you have any detailed questions, you can post back.
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