I have a serious problem with the CPU red light

The problems started with my old system. I had a m5a97 r.20 motherboard, FX 6300 and an msi n760 video card. (all that on cx 600 psu. Everything was fine for awhile. I then started playing games a bit more graphics intensive than FIFA such as battlefield 4. my system than started randomly shutting off during gaming. At first, it was only during gaming, but then started happening when it was idle after only 15-20 mins. After reading reviews, I suspected my motherboard to be experiencing overheating issues. Thus, I upgraded and bought the sabertooth. This is when the red light CPU problems started. There was nothing I could do to fix it. I've tried it all: Making sure all the cables were plugged in correctly, doing the bios flashback. I've also tried putting one stick of ram, no video card but the problem persisted. I then purchased an fx8350 because I thought the CPU might have been fried or something, but still the red light ( i made sure all thr pins were straight and that no thermal paste was on the pins ). I started thinking my sabertooth was doa, so I just sent it back for a refund and then purchased an m5a99x ( I know this was a downgrade but an exchange was not possible). So I then installed the new motherboard correctly, but he red light came. Guys I am at odds here and just don't know what to do anymore. I've spent too much $ lately on this PC and am just tired of getting new parts. What am I to do? Is my psu just no longer feeding power?
Here are my current PC specs for extra help:
AMD Fx 8350
Asus m5a99x
Msi gaming n760 2 gb
G skill ripjaws 2x4gb
Asus xonar dx
Cx 600 psu
Antec 900
Ps: excuses the spelling and punctuation as I am writing his on a mobile
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  1. check the atx power lead is plugged in correctly.
  2. The CX600 isn't the greatest power supply , but is sufficient to run your build unless it's faulty.
  3. I made sure that all connections from the PSU to the motherboard were correctly plugged in. I know you can check to see if the PSU is working properly with the paper pin test (but only with the main plug). Can you do that with the .cable that powers the cpu?
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