ASRock H87M Pro4 drives only work in Sata 0,1

I am trying to get a new DVD drive going in this thing. SATA ports 0,1 are being used by two hard drives. When I boot to BIOS I can see all devices as expected in their respective SATA ports. I know also that all devices work, as do all cables, because I've swapped them around in ports 0,1 and they work great in Windows 8. However, any device in ports 2-5 shows only in BIOS, but not in Windows. BIOS shows devices plugged into ports 0-5, windows only those in 0-1.

AHCI is enabled. It's not possible to individually turn on and or or individually configure individual ports on this board.

Nothing shows in disk management in windows, and I see nothing in event logs.

Microsoft fix-it finds nothing.

Any ideas? Thanks!

FIXED. I have no idea what fixed this. I am on BIOS V 1.9, which is a good six months old. I downloaded a new release, put out today, and went to install it within windows. It said it would reboot the system. It seemed according to Asrock instructions it would then automatically go into bios and update the version, but it didn't, it just went to windows again. And, inexplicably despite no apparent-to-me changes of any sort the drive now works. I checked in bios and it's still 1.9.

Actually, now that I think of it I think booting in as administrator did it. I use a standard account for everything, and although I had switched users to admin earlier trying to sort it nothing helped, but the fresh reboot directly in as admin seems to have been it.
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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you got it sorted :)
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