1600x900 screen resolution

I want to buy a pc monitor with native resolution 1600x900 to play games etc.
I want to know that do games have options to set the resolution to 1600x900 or not???
If not it might be a wrong decision to buy it..
I want to play games like BF4,Crysis 3, Watch Dogs, Far cry 3,AC4 Black Flag, NFS Rival, upcoming GTA 5 etc.
My cpu configuration
i5 3450
gtx 750 ti
8GB Ram
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  1. Samsung Sync master S20B300B
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    Every new game supports 1600x900.

    The only games that don't support 1600x900 are really old (released when 4:3 was standard), and even in those you can still make a custom resolution to run at about 1200x900 to use as much of your screen as possible without stretching or upscaling. But, that's just for really old games.

    Pretty much all games from 2005 and newer will fully support 1600x900 with no extra work required.
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