Will my graphics card upgrade work?

I have a 300 watt computer, and my current graphics card sucks, and takes 25 watts I think. It's AMD HD8350 series. I am looking to upgrade to this:,3750.html
Will it work?
My desktop is ASUS M11BB-B05.
I am very young so I don't really have the money to make gigantic upgrades or buy a new pc.
^I'm pretty sure those are my pc specs.
^Just some more info if you guys want.
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  1. A GTX 750 Ti demands a 400w PSU. The GTX 750 only needs 300w, though, but it's still a decent upgrade from an HD 8350.
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    PC Perspective did a test with the 750 Ti on off-the-shelf PC's, with PSU's ranging from 250w to 350w. The 750 Ti ran fine on all of them. Here's the story if you want to read:
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