Purchasing a new graphics card, TigerDirect or Newegg?

Hello members of tom's hardware,

I have been looking at graphics cards for some time now. As it may seem have found a rather good graphics card called the "XFX Radeon Double D R9 280 3GB Graphics Card". It's the max 'performance' my CPU can handle after days of fine research. Currently the graphics card is available at newegg for $249.99 with no tax + shipping fees. I would TOTALLY buy it from newegg but the price is, well a bit more then what I'm wanting to pay for, as I'm on a budget because I'm getting some games also and other hardware. The graphics card is $229.99 ( with a $30 rebate, not included in price ) from TigerDirect... I hear lots of so called 'horror stories' from people that bought from them,'s the only place with the cheapest price. On google, there are good reviews of the site (90% is more positive then negative ) but on other sites it's like 99% NEGATIVE reviews! What the heck? What do I believe? It's really confusing to see 20k people ' like' their site and 20k to not like it, are all the 'positive' reviewers going to google review and the negative to other sites? What my main question is should I buy it from tigerdirect (please note that I have NEVER bought ANYTHING from tigerdirect, I have bought many items from newegg though and their service has been VERY successful for me) or newegg for $20 more? I'm not too worried about rebate from bolth of them because I hear that's one of the most unsuccessful ways to get some money back when making purchases. I'm not to worried about the '3 free games' as well, but it still would be cool to get it.

I'm going to repeat it but my main question is should I buy from TigerDirect? Is TigerDriect a good site to buy from? Are they trust worthy?

Hope this wasn't too long to ready, thanks in advance for any help I will receive.

Link to tigerdirect about graphics card:

My PC:

Motherboard: ASROCK FM2A88X Extreme 6+

CPU: A10-6800k at 4.4Ghz OC

Current Graphics card: Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5

RAM: 8 GB of G.Skill ram

HDD's/SSD's: 1 Sandisk SSD, 3 HDDs ( 360 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB )

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    I bought my whole base system from them, minus the PSU, cooling, case, and graphics card upgrades.
    I had no issues with them.
  2. Tigerdirect has the WORST costumer service or keeping their promises. I bought $2000+ worth of desktop parts last Dec, and the rep (Casey Taylor) has confirmed me number of times will match any price drops within a month, the products dropped more than $100 within a month, I have tried getting back the price difference they promised for 10 times from the same and different reps, they just ignored me or made excuses. Never will I buy anything from them again.
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