Amd R9 290 Graphics question.

I own an MSI R9 290 and with this card came a stock program called MSI afterburner. In this program I can control all the functions of my card, my question is I want to turn up the MHz to about 1040-1050 to run Watch Dogs properly on ultimate but I am unsure if this is overclocking or just a GPU boost for my card. The original core clock it was set at was 977.

That is a gyazo of the afterburner program.
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    That is an overclocking program yes it is very good. I would think you wouldn't need to OC for watch dogs but if you do try to increase in 10 MHz increments and vigorously check for stability each time you step it up
  2. Ya I thought the same thing, but I was reading an article that Watch Dogs is only optimized for Nvidia currently, and when I play Watch Dogs on ultimate I get framerate drops and it gets choppy sometimes.
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