My amd fx 4300 stock fan reaches at 5400 rpm while playing games and the cpu temperature is 57.c and it is not overclocked

Some time the speed of cpu fan is 3500 rpm while playing games at the same temperature 57.c what is the problem please help
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    57C is a decent temp while playing games. sounds like its working right.
  2. Don't worry, you're completely fine.
  3. It runs at 5400 rpm at 57.c don't you think the fan is running at high spped that is not necessary or it should be at low speed at 57.c like 3500 rpm or 4000 rpm it is amd fx 4300 please reply
  4. not really, it'll speed up to keep the temps stable
  5. Do you think that there might be a problem of psu which makes the cpu fan run at high speed unnecessarily
    please reply
  6. no. The fan will adjust its speed as it needs to.
  7. Thank you guys for helping me
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