Auto Turbo boost ON OR OFF i7-4770k if you don't overclock

Hi Guys,

Question what the title says, should i keep Turbo boost ON or OFF on i7-4770k, I am never planing to overclock. Right now it shows 3.9Ghz. And by default its of course 3.5Ghz. Any suggestions? Mobo Asus Maximus VI Formula. Gaming on 1 screen 1920x1080p.

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  1. the turbo boost dont cost you anything, its 3.9 on one core, 3.5 on 4.
  2. So should i keep it normal at 3.5 or let it run at 3.9?
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    turbo on
  4. Thanks, and what about Auto Overclocking features? Keep it on Auto?
  5. nah, you probably got stock cpu cooler. the turbo is ok built in feature from intel and is enough for most.
  6. Why would you pick the maximus formula if you do not plan to overclock? A cheaper motherboard would do pretty much the same.
  7. I got Corsair H100i as CPU cooler.
  8. Then your setup is ready for overclock - why not do it then? Oh well - Your choice.
    I think you should leave turbo boost on - you have good enough cooling for it
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