Extra Space on SSD after removing RAM

Been constantly BSODing, narrowed it down to being a problem with the ram. This is what I've done so far:
-tested each stick one at a time with memtest86 and window memory diagnostic
-ran 5 passes on each one
-no problems found
-Put all my RAM sticks back in, PC runs great under heavy load all day. Shuts down pc.
-next day turn my PC back on and continues BSODing
-take out all but one stick, pc runs fine no bsod under load.
After taking a break and moving some files around I notice I have 11 more gigs of space than what I had previously.
-I had all ready done a clean instal before my memory tests trying to mark out my BSODs being cause by corrupt files.

Any idea on how removing RAM ends you up with more space on SSD?
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    If you have hybrid sleep enabled in Windows (it's enabled by default), a certain amount of space on the SSD gets reserved to copy the contents of your RAM for whenever the computer gets put to sleep (unlike normal sleep mode, where the data only remains in RAM which is kept powered up, hybrid sleep copies the contents of the RAM to the hard disk as well, meaning a power failure won't result in the loss of the data, but while also allowing the comuter to resume just as quickly as if it had just been in sleep mode).

    With less RAM in the system, less space has to be reserved to store its contents. Also, there's the possibility the Pagefile may be a different size without that extra RAM as well. Those are two obvious culprits I can think of.
  2. turned off hybrid sleep, and made sure sleep and hibernate was off as well. Only gave back a little bit of memory back but not as much as there was before. Ran disk cleanup also. So far I still haven't crashed again, Though right now I'm only using two sticks atm gonna add a third later today.
  3. Memory runs better in pairs. How many slots do you have?
  4. orlbuckeye said:
    Memory runs better in pairs. How many slots do you have?

    4 slots, 2 black and 2 blue, I have 2 running right now, one in the first black and the other in the first blue one. I remember reading about the pairs and I think I have it set up right. So far still no crashes.
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