hp pavilion g6 hdmi no sound through TV using hdmi cable

i have connected my laptop to the Sharp aquos tv with hdmi cable. it does not carries audio. i am using windows 7 and i made configurations which is to set default playback device as AMD hdmi output. it is so stupid there is no sound. i read the manuel of Sharp LC-39LE650 and actually it says if you dont have sound use 3.5 mm analog cable for audio. so if i need to use analog connection why i am using hdmi which is digital signal. and the other side why the manuel says "if" you dont have sound. so i wondered about it if there is any solution for this stupid situation. i bought this bullshit to use old technologies. thx from now for answers.
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  1. Contact HP
  2. i7Baby said:
    Contact HP

    i have been used my laptop with specified drivers which is downloaded from official site, and i have been used this laptop on different TV Toshiba Regza or something and and i had sound without problem. the problem maybe from hdmi cable
  3. so finally i tried with another laptop which is my friends laptop lenovo y510p which uses 755m x2 everything is fine including sound. the problem is on hp's drivers or something else. you were right i7Baby. i read some articles on forums of hp and there is no solution. they are not updates their drivers thanks for your great support hp
  4. That's why I don't like Dell or HP laptops - problems and lack of support.
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