how to activate motherboard audio jacks

hello there i recently built a gaming pc and my audio jacks will not work i can connect my turtle beach through usb and hear sound but when i try to plug speakers in through the audio jacks on the motherboard there is no sound and the speakers dont connect , can i please have some help
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  1. try enabling it in the BIOS ( the on board sound ).................... or did you by any chance neglect to install the drivers that would have been on the disc that came with the motherboard?
  2. how do i get to the onboard bios and what do i enable?
  3. Hi nathwillo1

    have you installed the audio drivers for your motherboard ?
  4. if you can tell me your motherboard and what version of windows you are running and if it is 32/64bit
    i will give you a link to your motherboards audio drivers
  5. nathwillo1 said:
    how do i get to the onboard bios and what do i enable?

    my machine I have to hit the delete key on start up.......... tap/tap/tap/tap/tap/tap............ etc. until you get to the BIOS screen.

    you should read the motherboard booklet or the pdf from the board manufacturers site....... lots of stuff in that little thing.
  6. asus crosshair v formula z and i am on windows 8.1 64bit
  7. go here, select your OS and download and install your audio driver , let me know if it works
  8. thanks
  9. didnt work mate
  10. so, did you go into the BIOS yet?
  11. nope im not sure how to
  12. ive bin on the motherboard bios but i aint sure what im looking for is there any helpp?
  13. did you look in the booklet that came with the motherboard>?
  14. its done thanks
  15. what's done?
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