Firmware Update: Linksys E3200 Router with Wireless-N and 4-port Gig Ethernet

I was just wondering if anyone had heard from Linksys (what are they now, Belkin???) if they have a corrected firmware that eliminates the security problems of their "E" series routers that THEY chose to inherit and, more importantly, support?

The most recent "status update" from them that I still see says "We are working on fixing the problems and will have an updated firmware in a few weeks time." That was like months ago.

I did lockout the two functions of the router that are the truly known vulnerabilities. BUT, there are likely more bugs and I want Belkin to fix them. Plus, that they stop sending me ads via e-mail about their new wireless routers. I don't need a new one that has some little silly bells and whistles. The E3200 is a darn good unit for what I need. Another example: the Linksys/Cisco SRW2024 switch (I think it is from 2004) is still running perfectly. All machines, printers, and cameras are hardwired with the laptops being the only ones able to choose between the two methods - wireless or better yet wired if sitting near a jack in the home. Even if a new wireless model could push data through a bit more quickly, it will never do so as fast as a 1 gig wired connection and my wiring is ready for the switch to 10GbE (PC's are starting to come with that standard built in).

Does anyone think that they are trying to stall so they can more easily justify selling their brand new routers?!??! As in, "Hey user, that E series is now antiquated so tough luck."

I will purposefully go to a different brand if that is the case. I'm not happy at all.
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    I stopped even looking at linksys routers a couple years ago when cisco decided "cloud" configuration was a good idea. They seemed blind to the fact that maybe I did not want there server to know the details of my router configuration...besides the fact it is impossible to configure it from behind a firewall.

    My solution has always been to run third party firmware. It should not happen that you get better support from a bunch of people working on something for nothing that a company that has paid employees to fix bugs but generally you get faster support on third party firmware.

    You will have to dig to find out if your router supports third party I said I completely ignore linksys after the "cloud" configuration stupidity.
  2. Storing data in the "cloud." I had to laugh at that because, if that is the future, my days studying computer science during university when the internet was in its infancy truly were the best ones! I was young and thought, wow, instant collaboration of educated persons to solve very complex problems. Then business websites, then commerce, then free email, then google, then x-rated pictures, then facebook, and now twitter. I usually write my own code if I need something really unique completed and I still cannot figure out the magic of why they chose 140 characters or less. Are the remaining characters, up to 255, used for header/routing and at the end, checksum?

    I'm going to still hammer on them to get the E3200 fixed.

    But, I will look into third-party firmware. Thank you very much!
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