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One PC Showing same screen from computers desktop on Two (Possibly more) TV's Wirelessly

Last response: in Systems
May 28, 2014 7:15:57 AM


The title pretty much describes what im looking for, i need to be able to show what i am doing on a PC onto two TV wirelessly. I have looked all over the interenet and cant seem to get an answer as many comments seem to contradict each other. Currently i have access to one Apple TV which could be used but if this is not an option allowing me to do what ive asked for then i can purchase another piece of hardware. Also i will be buying a new PC for this sole purpose along with all the other hardware so the only requirements is that it meets the one pc showing on two tvs wirelessly.

Also what i havent mentioned is the the two tvs will be in the same room about 3-4 meters apart from each other.

Any more questions you have for me, feel free to ask.
May 28, 2014 7:23:59 AM

ok thats easy just get any wireless hdmi product to get it to the room and once you get their put the output into this or any other hdmi splitter to go to the TV however if you want to do it completely wirelessly but it will be way more expensive as it will require two wirless hdmi solution