Need help choosing next GPU.

I currently have an EVGA 680 which my wife wants so she can SLI her 680. I am running a single 27" IPS 2560x1440 but will upgrade to a 4k IPS as soon as a good one becomes available. I LOVE my true surround sound and so will not part with my sound card making SLI or crossfire not an option. I need a future resistant card with more than 3gb of memory, that is a single PCB. My budget is $1500.00 but would like to stay around $1000.00. Currently my card is struggling with the 1440 rez in Secret World only. Anyway an NVIDIA 790 would answer all of my prayers but noone ACTUALLY seems to know whether thats even a possibility. So i am left with praying for a 6gb 780ti... but even then there is no garuntee we will even see that. So i am left with a single 780ti (evga SC with/acx cooler for 730.00) but it only has 3gb memory(which is good for now but not in the future), a Titan Black which has all the right stuff and with an acx cooler can overclock enough to clobber a 780ti .. but its not looking like that is gonna be in stock soon either. Then there is the ASUS MARS which fits almost the bill as it has 4gb of memory and good clocking but has an appalling 96.6 TFR and though it is faster than the titan black (non overclocked) in some games and close to the 780ti in others i worry about its longevity as rumors say it runs HOT HOT HOT. But at 650.00 its a hell of a deal. I looked at switching camps for the 295x2 but at 1500.00 AND the mandatory water cooling block...and ATI's driver issues ( in my personal experience) i am not inclined to go that way. Any suggestions advice? I play several high rez mmo's and the occasional shooter and am aHUGE eye candy fan so the higher the rez the better though i do cap my FPS at 60 for the longevity of the card.
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    R9 295x2 the only 4k ready GPU on the market yet
  2. The current 4k monitors are jokes.. all base level TN panels with no serious gaming applications.. the colors are poor and the reliability isnt proven. and everyone has an opinion of what is 4k ready... well i guess we will see when a gaming grade IPS 4k panel of 27" or more comes out lol. But your right as of now that is the truth... too bad its ATI or id have one already.
  3. Let me put it this way... i JUST got a good IPS monitor a few months ago i think in 02/2014. So im a late adapter monitor wise. But my wife is drooling over the monitor and wants it for herself... so the milisecond Samsung, Dell or Asus come out with a 27"-30" IPS 4k monitor i will make the Jump... I have already seen a 4k monitor and while the rez is nice... the colors are ultra muted compared to the IPS panel or even a really good LED TN panel. Personally it is just too early to make the jump.
  4. dont you like ati? why? i know is personal preference but i dont see any flaw on this gpu, its runs cool, quiet and stable, maybe the ati drivers arent as good as the nvidea counterpart but i think if you dont want to deal with crossfire or sli this is the best chooice or you can spent 3000 dollars on a gtx titan z and get the same performances or less than the r9 295x2, im not a fanboy for anymeans but this is the card i would recomment to anybody to buy if they want a 4k ready gpu :D
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