EVGA 770 SC needs 42 amps? on 12v Rail?

I got a evga 770 sc and it says It needs 42 amps on a 12 v rail. So i bought a Corsair TX 650 w
because it has 43 amps on one rail but I have to RMA it because of the massive coil whine it has. I need my computer while the RMA happens. Can my old PSU work with my 770 sc? It is the Corsair VX 550 W.
DC Output- +3.3v +5v +12v -12v +5vsb
Max Load 30a 28a 41a 0.8a 3a
140w 492w 9.6w 15w

(those are the specs for the VX 550 W)
So my question is can I use my 550 w even though it has 41amps instead of the 42 needed for the 770sc.

MSI P67a-gd65 (B3)
8gigs Ram
i5 2500k
TX 650watt (Link to my old 550w)
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    It doesnt need 42 amps, thats just a recommendation based on total system usage. the 770 itself will only take around 20 amps.

    Your PSU should power the 770 fine.
  2. Yes u can use VX550, stated spec are not actually used. Look at this benchmark, whole system with 770 uses 375watt under full load which means it uses around 30A from 12v rail.
  3. Thanks!
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