Which ssd should i get, and some general questions.

Alright so my birthday is coming up so i was thinking of picking up an ssd,
so here are my questions:

1. i reckon 200gb would be enough, what's a good not to expensive one at around that size.

2. i have built a couple of pc's,but i have never installed an ssd, does it plug in exactly like an hard drive? how and where do i place it inside the case?

3.what are good stuff to have on it? just the OS and a couple of games that iam currently playing, or are programs like chrome that i use everyday should also be installed on it?

thanks in advance =]
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    1. The usual practice is to use the SSD as the boot disk, to hold Windows and installed programs and use a secondary HDD for file storage. 200GB should generally be enough

    2 Many common SSDs use the SATA3 interface (SATA3 ports are needed to get full performance though they'll run on SATA2 also) and come in a 2.5 inch form factor like laptop HDDs. Newer cases often have SSD mounts though a standard 3.5" to 2.5" adapter can be used if yours doesn't

    3. Answered above
  2. Crucial m500 240gb for reliability and lot of safety features to keep your stuff safe and there fast.
    Samsung evo or pro 250gb they are pretty reliable but lack the safety features of the m500 and its a bit faster.
    Kingston SSD now is okay and cheap. Also kingston hyper x is also good.

    I prefer the crucial its made by micron and they been around for while and they make a very good refined product. I also have one myself and love it.
  3. There are many others those are just a few cheap but still very good options.
  4. SchizTech pretty much covered it. A SSD will install just like any hard drive. For best results, it should not be filled. I'm using a little over half of my 250GB and 256GB boot drives in a couple of systems.
    Unless you've got a zillion games, I'd install all programs on the SSD. If you have LOTS of games you regularly play, you might put your Steam Library (assuming you use Steam) on another drive.
    Two of my cases have 2.5" mount points, and in two others I'm using a 3.5" adapter.
    I don't think the performance difference between SSDs is going to be very noticeable in actual use. I've used Samsung, Crucial, AData, SanDisk, G.Skill, Kingston, and Intel; none stand out head and shoulders over the others (except in power use; going from AData to Samsung in my X140E seems to have added at least another half hour of battery life), and none sticks out like a sore thumb. All beat the stuffing out of a mechanical HDD.
  5. Thanks alot to all of you for your quick replies =]

    i think i will get this model
    looks fine?

    (gotta get everything from ebay, prices here in israel are quite high)
  6. DjDafiDak said:
    Thanks alot to all of you for your quick replies =]

    i think i will get this model
    looks fine?

    (gotta get everything from ebay, prices here in israel are quite high)

    Looks like a fantastic SSD. I have a similar model running in my laptop.
  7. Made the purchase, have noticed that my case (sharkoon t9) only comes with mounts for 3.5inches, and that ssd is 2.5inches, should i buy an adaptor, or just place it in there?
  8. Since it has no moving parts, you can just place it in there, possibly attached with Velcro or double-sided tape.
    For the sake of neatness, you can get an adapter, but it isn't a matter of electrical or mechanical safety.
  9. I looked up the Sharkoon T9; the description from the manufacturer website says it comes with an adapter

    "Incl. 1x 5.25" mounting frame for 2x 2.5" HDDs/SSDs or 1x 3.5" HDDs"

    maybe it's in a box somewhere?
  10. If you can't find it, no damage will be done by just rigging something like Onus said
  11. alright it will all be good then, thanks again to you all.
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