Which graphic card is an upgrade of my Radeon 6670? I need it to play games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Watch Dogs? Please hel

Hello friends. I have a question. Couple days ago I got Watch Dogs and I tried to play it. It was working fine on medium settings until it crashed. Then I reloaded the game and it crashed again. I think my graphics card might be out of date. Here are my computer specs:

CPU: Core i7-2600 @ 3.4Ghz Quad-core
RAM: 12 Gb
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit
Graphics card: Radeon 6670 1 GB RAM (I think)

My system is a Dell XPS 8300. I don't know what the power supply on it is. Overall, I would like to stick with Radeon graphics. I was thinking 7770 or 7870? I think I only have one PCIE slot on the motherboard.
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  1. i'll give you this to look at and then the rest is up to you.. I'm not saying that its 100% not going to work but this is where most end up

    some models of store bought computers [dell.hp,acer,ect..] may come with a ''locked'' bios and may not allow you to change certain hardware as a video card.. this is done to protect them from undue warranty claims and refunds .this is not done to hurt you but to protect them. you really need to see if that upgrade has been proven to work in your model first before you invest money in it .. there are a lot of these threads here at toms to look at some models will allow upgrades and some dont.. and a lot of guys here say ya ya ya when is really no no would be sad you spent $200 on a card that won't post after you installed it as most find out. then get told its your psu and you spend more and end up right back where you are now, but its up to you good luck..

    you got to know the the boards in these computers are not like the ones we use to do custom builds witch are open to upgrading with in the boards compatibly . the bios is custom made for there design and just for the parts they authorize to be used on there computers
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    It looks like you have a x16 pcie slot.

    Your pc probably came with a minimal 300w psu. There should be a label on the psu that documents the specs.

    Unless it is stronger than 300w, the strongest amd graphics card you can install is probably a 7750.
    On the nvidia side, the GTX750 is more efficient, and is a stronger card than the 7750. Possibly a GTX750ti so long as it is one of the ones that does not need a 6 pin power connector.

    Of course, you always have the option to upgrade the psu too.
  3. Thank you I appreciate the info. I don't want to crack open the case just yet. I bought my computer from Dell with all of this pre-installed. Now I regret going with all of this and that I should have built a PC instead with my own custom settings. I will go to my local stores like TigerDirect and other places and see if I can get an upgrade or switch out my motherboard, graphics or PSU if I need to. I mean a lot of games work on it flawlessly (Skyrim, GTA4, Batman, etc) but I am shocked when I bought Assassins Creed 4, it lagged. Watch Dogs does not lag, but it crashes after 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay.
  4. Thank you my friend. I do appreciate it. I have a nice system, no problems what so ever. I guess I will try to go with nVidia this time.
  5. Since you have an available X16 slot, I think you have a 6670M integrated graphics.

    That is the equivalent of a $80 graphics card. A GTX750 would be a nice jump in capability.
  6. As far as I know, GTA 5 is not playable for PC.

    You can check your specs at

    And yes, 7750 is the maximum dual graphics you can have unless you're using other processor.
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