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I have a one terabyte hard drive and just recently purchased a solid state drive at 64 gb. How do i reinstall my operating system of windows 7 onto my solid state drive without losing any files.
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    1. Turn off your computer
    2. Open up the case, unplug the 1TB HDD. You can leave it seated in the case, just unplug it.
    3. Plug in your clean SSD
    4. Boot from Windows installation DVD or USB, install Windows cleanly onto your SSD.
    5. Turn off your computer, plug in your 1TB HDD as well.

    You will not lose any files in this way, and simply set your boot drive as your SSD rather than your HDD.
  2. Hello... 1) Just have your SSD connected to your MB and install Windows7... after you have Windows7 drivers installed for your hardware, and seems Happy...
    2) Just plug your HD back into your MB, and re-boot.
    3) Right Click Computer-Manage-Disk Management
    4) Right click the Graphical area of your HD, and "Mark Partition as Active"
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