"you are not currently using a Display attached to a NVIDIA GPU" HELP HELP HELP

hey guys, would appreciate the help on this one.

heres my scenario, just updated the new driver for my GT740M. now cant play dark souls 2 nor any other games even if i installed the driver from my recovery disks. whats worse is that i cant open my nvidia contral panel even if my GPU is working properly ( from device manager status ) yet when i checked at dxdiag no GT740M appeared, only my intel HD4600 is available for use even though i disabled it .

heres my current laptop specs.

WIN8.1 64bit SL
Directx 11

ive used a driver sweeper and cleaned my nvidia and reinstalled my driver from recovery disk, or downloaded the old driver from nvidia website yet to no avail.

help help help.

need to level up my sorcerer at dark souls 2 hehehe

cheers guys!
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    For those dual-graphics laptops, you almost NEED to use the drivers from the manufacturer, because they alter them just for that configuration, so i would say go to the manufacturer's website and get those, then see if it helps.

    i say this because it sounds like the computer isn't detecting the dual graphics anymore, also you may want to disable any of the graphics drivers from windows update, as that can install the Intel ones, which also messes up the dual graphics "fragility".
  2. holy mother of all religion and Gods ! may they all bless you and your intellect and genius! it worked ! hahaha damn im so happy right now ! thank you so much ! thank thank thank you !

    im a christian so GOD BLESS you.

    no offense meant but just really thankful! thank you so much!
  3. I have that same problem too! In my GL552VX Haha I just to ask where di you get the manufacturer driver?
  4. Arpln said:
    I have that same problem too! In my GL552VX Haha I just to ask where di you get the manufacturer driver?

    For your Asus laptop, it looks like the Driver page is here:
    Under the one called "VGA", if it gives you an option during the NVIDIA setup, do the "Clean Install" (it's a small checkbox)
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