Need help with my LG NAS Drive

I have an LG NAS N2R1D NAS drive that is on 2407 firmware version and i think i have stuffed my nas up!?

i tried upgrade to 2660 but the nas is now just saying 'NAS is Booting' Here's what I did

I downloaded the 2660.bin firmware file from LG's website. I then logged onto the NAS web interface, clicked on firmware, choose file and selected the 2660.bin file and then upgrade. The NAS drive then displayed 'F/W update.. for about 5mins, so I assumed it was updating. hen me back it was displaying 'NAS Home' as it does when I boot it up but when I checked the firmware version it showed 2407 still, so I powered it down and re-booted and now it only displayed NAS is Booting and won't go any further than that.

I have tried booting with left + right but won't into Enclosure Mode either!

What can I do?

Please Help
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    Contact LG would be my suggestion.
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