Bought an "Asus - Essentio Desktop" and am trying to hook it up with my old "Acer" monitor, but nothing will appear (pictures)

Pictures showing my situation:
In/Outputs on back of PC:

HDMI Plug I'm using:

VGA/HDMI Plug Inputs on Monitor:

Power Supply/Audio Jack on Monitor:

Closer Comparison of VGA/HDMI input on Monitor:


Monitor on/plugged in for 3 minutes (nothing):

HDMI/VGA Plugged in:

(Last picture, I promise!) Display of instruction Manual:

Sorry for all the pictures, I need the answers quick and working ones so this can work and I can start playing Arma haha! It shows a HDMI input and a VGA input on the back of the desktop. Does it require both? What's the meaning of VGA and HDMI? I'd like to get this up and running quick.

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  1. Only use one or the other connection, not both. The images show you using a VGA cable, but it's plugged into the onboard graphics port on the board. You need to plug into the outupts on the video card, you may need a DVI to VGA adapter or a DVI cable from the ports on the graphics card to the monitor.
  2. The video card is lower down on the case, with ports running side-to-side across it. I can see two of them in the second to last picture posted.

    This is what a DVI cable looks like (your monitor has one DVI port to the left of the VGA)

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    that the motherboard connector, look like it should be a gpu. can you take a full pic of the back of the computer?
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