software to rotate screen?

It is Windows XP MCE (thats doesn't matter though).

I had no use for, and decided to turn it into a digital photo frame (for the challenge). Stupidly, I siliconed it on upside down, but I decided to just rotate my images. After a while I considered using it as a media centre (XBMC) and control it through my phone. So I will need to somehow rotate the screen to get it to be the right way up.

I have been told to right click the desktop and rotate it through that, when I right click, nothing about it appears.

So if anyone knows of a way I could rotate it, it would be appreciated,
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  1. Try the hotkeys CTRL-ALT-[down arrow]
  2. SchizTech said:
    Try the hotkeys CTRL-ALT-[down arrow]

    Hi, Thanks for reply. I just tried it, It doesn't work :(. I'm not sure why it doesn't work, maybe something to do with being MCE?
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