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Hi guys hope you are all well,

A Quick Question my knowledge is very limited so i thought i would as you guys.
I have a overclocked CPU with overclocked memory Crucial Ballstix Sport XT 8gb i believe its Clocked to 1866MHZ, i have ordered another 4GB stick of the same ram to add to the Setup, However someone mentioned that it could cause an issue if i add this extra Ram due to the overclocked Ram. Is this so and what could the issues be? How would i work my way around it? and is there a real need for another 4gb Will it actually get used the PC is used to play games and watch movies

Thanks for any response
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  1. I would say wait until you get the memory and see if you get any issues. The first question I have is do you have one stick that is 8GB in size or 2 4's? Mismatched sizes can take over clocked speeds differently.
  2. I have 2 4GB sticks which are overclocked :)
  3. Ok, now my question is why did you only order 1 stick instead of 2 to keep dual channel memory working at its full potential?
  4. because im a layman when it comes to these issues but i wish to learn lol which is the honest answer, would i need the extra 4GB will i actually use it if im using the machine just for gaming? i brought it as it was on at a good price :)
  5. You should have 4 slots for RAM on your motherboard. 2 of them are slot A and 2 are slot B, depending on how the motherboard is set up. If you have an equal amount of Ram in Slots A and Slots B, you will run in DUAL CHANNEL MODE. This will give you more performance. If you have an UNBALANCE between the RAM in Slots A and Slots B, it will only run in SINGLE CHANNEL MODE and lose that extra performance. In your case You will likely be running 8 GB in Slots A and only 4 GB in Slots B, so you will lose the performance you had.

    It's kind of like changing tires on a vehicle, always change them in pairs. (OR when adding them, add them in pairs....)
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