looking for new mother board for new build that is good with overclocking!!

In need of a reliable mother board for my new build. Build consists of:
Gigabyte GTX 770 oc 2gb
amd fx 4100 3.6ghz
2x4GB ram
1 TB seagate hard drive
Phanteks enthoo pro case
Rosewill capstone 650w psu
disk drive
Soon to be water cooled

I would like a reliable board that is capable of over clocking the cpu to maybe 4.5ghz and over clock in the gpu. Budget is around 100 us dollars. I'm going to start over clocking when i save up enough for a water cooling loop. I want the mb to be able to have 16gb of ram when i expand my ram a bit. I've been really looking at the gigabyte Ga-970A-ud3p. The problem with this one is that it only has 1 pcei x16 slot and i think i may need two of these in the future. I prefer a MB with a black and/or red color scheme. It doesn't matter too much though.

Thanks you for anyone deciding to help. :)
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  1. The Ga-970A-ud3p is good one, but just like you say it has the 1x pciex16, other one will be pciex4. And because you have three conditions1) budget 2) need sli 3) color. Sorry I think you hard to find the MB that will fit those condition.

    Like the Ga-970A-ud3p only can CF but not the sli. And ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ has the major blue color and not sli.

    Other on Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 you can sli, price is right, but it is blue color scheme.

    ASRock 990FX Killer you can sli and has the right color scheme, but the price is a little bit over your range.
  2. With what all you want, agree with Cin above would try for the Killer when the budget has a little more in it
  3. The killer is a very good option and i think i would be able to push my budget a bit. The only issue is i read a review from 4-35-2014 that there is a problem with memory compatibility and that the only ram that should be used is Corsair Vengeance or GSkill Ripjaw. I don't have that memory so that poses a bit of an issue unless they came out with with a bios update that would fix this. Sorry for not answering in a while i've been really busy.
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    Haven't seen the review, am guessing the reviewer either has a tendency towards GSkill and Corsair, or had no other DRAM available, tried sticks that the CPU couldn't handle (happens often with AMD)or has no idea what he's doing. I'm often amazed at reviews where the 'reviewer' had no idea what they were doing, i.e. the say something like 'the 1600 test DRAM had to be set up manually it would only run at 1333", now then this person is supposedly knowledgeable about computers (they are writing a review, Yes?) but they don't know that when DRAM is first installed it goes to the mobos default - generally 1066 or 1333. I've worked with the Killer a couple of times and had no problems with any DRAM I stuck in it, other than a couple 4 stick sets that needed manual setup of the advanced timings
  5. How about the gigabyte ga-990fxa ud3

    how is this mb for overclocking? and how is this diffrent from the killer besides color and price?
  6. That would be a good mobo also, I prefer the quality of the Keller but the GB is a mobo I'd build on and be comfortable w/ it
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