New build - starts for 2 seconds, restarts and then boots and runs fine. PC.

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me on a problem I have on-going with a new build pc.

When I start up my PC after a long period without activity roughly 8 to 10 hours the problem occurs (usually in the morning after I wake up or after I finish work and fire up the PC). When I press the power on button on my pc tower all fans kick in for 2 seconds and then it shuts down and restarts, all fans kick in and then it boots normally.

I have no problems with the performance on the computer when it is on at all. After this problem occurs if I shutdown and power on by the power button again it starts up without fault. I even after the fault occurred unplugged everything for a hour plugged everything back in and still no problem.

I have spoke to a friends brother who is an IT Tech and he says its normal as his does it and its not a fault. He advised it is bios and it probably needs an update however I have the latest bios software installed.

It is worth saying that I have used my graphics card and power supply from another PC build but all the component's are no more than a month old and I never had no problems on the previous PC.

My computer specs are:

Intel I7 4770k 3.5ghz 1150 socket.
MSI Z97 Gaming 3 Motherboard.
Corsair H100i cooler with dual fans on the rad.
2x4gb sticks of Patriot Viper PC3 1600mhz.
MSI Geforce GTX 750 TI graphics card.
Kingston 60GB SSD (Windows boots from this device)
Western Digital 1TB 7200rpm HDD (Storage Drive)
1 x DVD RW drive.
5 x 120mm cooling fans.
EVGA White 500W Power Supply 80 Plus.
Windows 7 64bit home edition.
PC hasn't been overclocked.

The voltage in the bios for the 12v rail is running between 12v and 12.194v don't know if this means a great deal?

Hope someone can help as I don't want to cause any damage to my PC if it is something serious.

Many Thanks.
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  1. Ok just for an update I turned it on this evening after 15 hours of not been on and the pc booted up fine.

    I have just installed the latest update firmware on my SSD so going to see what that does and see if the problem occurs. It did say on the firmware update that its fixes a problem with the SSD stopping it from COMRESTART when in slumber mode.
  2. It happens to my PC too. I'm not sure about this, but I suspect it's because the comp turns on, loads BIOS settings, then realizes it needs to restart to load some BIOS settings properly. I think it's related to voltages and power, as my BIOS settings are altered from the factory settings (overclocking).
  3. Cheers Bojangle12. Well turned on just now and didn't do it again so just going to keep an eye on it this week and see if it happens again. Only thing I can think of if it's related to the same as yours is my comp isn't oc but it's a oc motherboard and the settings might be preset for the intel turbo boost. As long as it's not something I should worry about then I'm happy with that lol.
  4. Ok so after updating SSD firmware it still does it :-| going to open the box up tomorrow and have a look around again.
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