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Random high ping spikes (please help)

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May 28, 2014 3:15:49 PM

for about 2 months now I have been getting random high ping spikes. they can last for 2 seconds or 10 minutes and they sometimes don't happen for 3 hours, but sometimes they will happen once every 5 minutes... it is impossible to play any games as my ping will be between 500-1500. as im typing this my ping is 742..... I have made sure it is not my antivirus. and its not the games I play because it effects everything. I have no idea what the problem is also restarting router/modem/computer/ doesn't fix the problem and my computer is the only pc in my house that is affected by high ping. Also im connected wirelessly with a wifi card. I decided to post this as my last resort. before taking my pc into future shop so they can fix it. if someone could help that would be amazing! thanks in advance.

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May 28, 2014 3:40:13 PM

It could be the wifi card. What happens if you run a CAT5 cable for testing purposes?

Best solution

May 29, 2014 8:05:54 AM

Simple test.... next time your ping goes high... start command prompt..
run ipconfig and note the default gateway of your wifi connection (this is your router).

ping this ip... use "ping -n 30 -l 1000 [routerip]"

all this is doing is pinging your router... if the ping to your router is high.. then you know the problem is with your WIFI.
If this is the case it is probably a neighbours wifi or other device fighting for the airwaves. try changing the wireless channel in your router settings between channels 1 - 6 - 11 to see if they are any better. Also check there are no unexpected devices connecting.

Dont bother with a computer shop. It is unlikely to be your PC at fault unless somethng is very very wrong and its locking up.