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I have laptop with a fresh install of windows 7, yet still is infected with a Trojan. Interestingly enough, after running HBCD and Clamwin, I found the little bugger hiding on my X drive (the drive created by running Mini-XP from HBCD). My guess is that Mini-xp "borrowed" the file in question (keybtray.exe) but isn't affected by the trojan (I've regained control of the touchpad and keyboard). The problem is that I cannot deleted keybtray.exe and reinstall it, because it's in use (it always is I suppose). The virus itself is called Trojan.crypt-426, and since I can't get Avira to run, I'm having difficulty removing it. I know you're supposed to be able to remove viruses manually, but this one's stumped me. Any pointers?

UPDATE: Decided to run MalwareBytes to see if it can pick up the virus. The curious thing is that I can't find the file "keybtray.exe" in the system32 folder, so I'm curious as to the results.
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  1. Malware Bytes should's decent programme. You could try Spybot Search and Destroy, again another decent programme.
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    Malware was unable to detect it.

    But I was able to detect it on the Mini-xp drive (again, X:/ which is now gone because I'm in Win 7). However, I completely forgot something important: odds are the person before me that tried to fix the computer didn't delete the system reserved partition which seems like a likely place for the virus to hide that would give it access to manipulate Windows 7 but not necessarily Mini-xp (or Ubuntu, which I happened to have lying around on a USB.) I'm gonna try to just wipe the entire computer, all partitions, but recover the activation key from the laptop first so I can reinstall windows.
  3. I should point out that the solution chosen by ErAnkurPaul did not solve my problem (currently, I've dubbed it unsolvable). I've gotten it to work a little but for the most part, this computer refuses to work. However, the solution IS a method of virus removal, and I'd also suggest also resetting your bios by removing the virus if you want to be absolutely sure that nothing survived. Again, this didn't work for me, but yeah.
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