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So I'm the process of purchasing a new PC for myself and I need help determining if this build will work. I put this build together with the intention of getting a lot of power for the price. I hope to game on this build but nothing super intense. I just need to know if there are any issues with compatibility, heat, size, or anything else. Thanks.
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    Pretty good but I would get a SSD to put Windows and frequently used programs on and use the other drive for storage. SSDs are now SO much faster than mechanical hard drives. There is nothing you can invest in that will make as big a difference in responsiveness and boot time than a SSD. I would also spend a little more for a higher end Corsair PSU, from the TX or HX line and you will know for sure they are Haswell compatible too. EDIT:
    The RAM seems a bit off brand but for all I know it is OK.
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