installed heatsink, no post, pins connect cpu, should I buy a new cpu

I've been searching for two days, so I upgraded my heatsink and my dad pulled it out of the AM3 slot. Out comes the cpu and heatsink, bent and all. I fix all the pins, readjust the grip three times. The computer turns on and stays on. But there is no display or post. Could I have short circuited the cpu? It definitely works since its connected to the socket since I just ran it without the heatsink, overheating 3 seconds later. I have a new ssd and old hdd connected. The top fan conne cted to the rear fan only cycles when shutting down. It usually just cycledz after bios before this issue if I recall correctly. No, we weren't grounded. We both touched the cpu. Damaged pins don't seem to be an issue here. Please, help . I'll be buying an 8350 soon.

The 8320 works but doesnt post.
Also the front of my case doesn't blink the tiny blue dot like it did.
I went over the manual 5 times I'm sure the wiring is right. I can't find the speaker cable for beeps. Ssd shines green light.
Can cpu be faulty while still heating up?
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  1. ANOTHER thing I may have crushed the cpu installing the hyper 212 evo. Being the first time beyond a graphics card, I may have applied too much pressuring trying to screw three sides (only had three standoffs). Can it be powering up yet faulty?
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