Can I use the DDR3 from my AM3 motherboard in a Haswell motherboard

According to CPU-Z, I have an AM3 MB with 4 Kingston DDR3 sticks. These sticks are 2x2GB and 2x4GB with "Max Bandwidth" of PC3-10700 (667Mhz).

I want to use these sticks in replacement Haswell rig with an i5. Will these sticks work?
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    Rams are not tied to specific platform. If new motherboard have 4 sockets and support pc3-10700 memories with that size it should work. Pretty much all modern motherboards (so if you got haswell it is one of those) should support that speed as 1333 (pc3-10700 reported as 667MHz in cpu-z or other) is standard fallback speed to which all rams get when they can't auto boot on higher.
  2. Yes.
    However you should TEST using Memtest. There's no guarantee the new motherboard will work perfectly even though it's already working especially since these are mixed.

    Run a FULL PASS (roughly 30 minutes for 8GB).

    *Since it's a new system, I recommend starting THIS way:
    1) Install only the 8GB kit (see motherboard manual for proper slots. Might be #2, #4).
    2) Click "XMP" in the BIOS and save
    3) run MEMTEST
    4) Install Windows, drivers etc.
    5) update the motherboard BIOS
    6) repeat "XMP" and testing

    7) Run for a minimum of one week to ensure stability
    8) Add the 4GB kit, "XMP", retest

    9) If overlocking, don't overclock the memory or do it very little.
  3. Thanks guys.
  4. Update. I bought a Gigabyte H87 board and all four sticks of RAM refuse to work together. I can run the 2x2gb sticks; or the 2x4gb sticks - but I can't run all four sticks at the same time.
  5. Have you put same size rams to same colored sockets? If you mixed it, it may not work.
    If you put it right there is always chance that ram wont work together.
    It's always kind of lottery with rams. For best compatibility you should use rams in kits and only those which are on official support list of manufacturer of motherboard, which is often outdated and very short.
    Generally any ram with supported speed should work, but sometimes ...

    If you doublechecked that color of sockets and it's not the problem I'm afraid there won't be much you can do.

    You can always try bios update in hope some may fix issue which can cause your rams to not work, but that is long stretch.
  6. Yep, I matched up same RAM to same coloured slots. Tried each set in each colour etc. Any combination works except having both pairs in at same time.
  7. Well if slots works alone that would mean that motherboard should be ok.
    When you said you can't run all 4 sticks what it means? You wont boot to Bios, OS, ... ?
    If you can get atleast to bios with all 4 you can try to check how bios read those 4 rams, if it reads them at all.

    Other thing, could you post full model of your motherboard? Maybe that motherboard does not support more than 8GB of ram (its long shot as it's haswell motherboard which means it should support lot more RAM, but who knows).
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