Need to use Recovery DVDs on my ASUS laptop but my DVD drive isn't working

Looking for advice on how to load the recovery image that I have on a set of 5DVDs to restore my Windows 7 system.
Any suggestions?

For reference, here are the items on the recovery DVDs

DVD1contents: ASUSRDVD file, BOOTMGR file, IMAGEX file, BOOT folder, EFI folder, SOURCES folder
DVD2contents: ASUSRDVD1 file
DVD3contents: ASUSRDVD2 file
DVD4contents: ASUSRDVD3 file
DVD5contents: ASUSRDVD4 file

Thanks in advance!
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    Download the official Win7 ISOs from here and burn them to a USB drive. You also lose all the Asus bloatware.

    Or get an external DVD drive.
  2. I learned that there was a recovery partition on the Asus laptop and restored that way.
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