AMD Athlon II X4 630 for new gaming

Hello everyone.
I have this CPU 4 cores 2.80 GHz, and in due time I plan to buy AMD 7770 or 7790 1 GB, for 1366x768 gaming. I have 4 GB ram DDR2, and I will get 4 GB more. Will this CPU serve me well for new gaming with this card I mentioned, I plan to play Watch Dogs, and much more important Witcher 3. I know that the processor is old, but... 1366x768 is not big res and I think that this CPU can be good for it. I want to hear your opinions...
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  1. DO NOT use that cpu for gaming. Resolution has nothing to do with the CPU. The Athlons II lack L3 cache thus making the already weak per-core performance even weaker. Its a bad cpu for gaming, even if you overclock it to 3.6 you won't be able to play watch dogs only on LOW. Its not worth investing in that platform simply because modern games need much more than that CPU can handle.

    P.S. I have an Athlon II x4 and i did benchmark games on it.
  2. Modern games?... Metro Last Light is one of the best modern games, maybe even best, and with GTX 660 and with this CPU you can play on 1080p most on MAX without SSAA. I would play Watch Dogs just to get a glimpse of the power of this computer. As I said Witcher 3 is game I want. Watch Dogs like GTA 4 is CPU hungry and poorly optimised than. I played GTA 4 after some patch on MAX and HD4850, so you can see. Thank you for your answer, but I dont agree with you.
  3. The Athlon II x4 is in fact a weak core, but I don't think it can't play the "modern" games at lower settings. I use to play some games on medium settings along with a 5750. Overclocking it gives you some extra performance, but it will definitely struggle.
  4. The CPU will probably play witcher 3, and possibly watch dogs. It won't be great, but it should be playable.
  5. Unless you get it past 3.5 Ghz you wont be able to maintain 30fps in Watch Dogs and thats a fact (on low settings!)
  6. Watch Dogs is EXTREMLY POORLY MAX UNOPTIMIZED than. Witcher 3 will be better optimized than Watch Dogs shit. Need patch now.
  7. Whats the point in asking a question when your mind is already made up. Its not a gaming CPU, sure it could handle its share back when it was launched but things changed since that. If you want to use it then thats your choice but some games will not work well;
  8. You can play the witcher 3 with that cpu I have the same cpu and a r7 250x 2 th ddr3 and 8gb ram and I haven't played a game my pc couldn't handle yet it even play dark knight with no lag on mudiem setting so and acu on high so I don't know what ppl be talking about you all good hope that's help
  9. I am currently on this core
    My current build is:
    Amd athlon ii x4 630 @2.8ghz
    4gb ddr2 (dual channel)
    Radeon hd 7970
    350gb hdd

    My load times are bad, but it plays pretty much anything I want it to right now, csgo gets 100+ fps max on csgo
    Bo2 maxed gets 90+ (i max cod on pc, sensitivity is tied to frame rate for no reason)
    Tomb Raider (2013 reboot) gets 40+ with tressfx
    Bf3 maxed gets 90+
    Shadow of mordor gets 40+ on high (havent tested maxed, would still be fine most lilely)
    Witcher 2 60+ maxed (no ibersampling because i dont see big increase in graphics)
    Bf4 gets 30 on high ( this is where the cpu starts giving issues)
    I will say that the cpu @2.8 ghz severely hurts bf4, if i were to overclock, it might be fine. But 4gb of ddr2 ram could also be an issue

    Yes I know its bottlenecked , but im poor so i am upgrading soon
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