Laptop switches ON only if the CMOS battery is removed



I got a new laptop which does not respond on pressing the power button. Checked with 1. only battery attached (charged for 3 hrs), 2. checked with battery removed, but AC adapter directly plugged into laptop. But no luck. Nothing happens on pressing power button.

Then I tried hard re-set by removing battery, adapter etc. & then pressing power button for 60 sec. But even that didn't work.

Then removed CMOS battery & plugged into AC power adapter. This time the laptop started up & progressed upto DOS. This time, the power button responded to pressing ON, but did not allow me to switch the laptop off - meaning, when I press power button again, the laptop does not switch off. It stayed ON until I pulled the AC plug off. Any idea what is going on here??

Summary: Why does this laptop start only when the CMOS battery is removed? & Once switched ON why doesn't it switch off?

Many thanks in advance for help! :)
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  1. Sounds like a defective computer if its new. RMA it if so. Also could be a bad bios flash but that shouldn't be the case on a brand new laptop
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