IBM ThinkCentre A50 Intel D865GKD - SSD drive?


I wanted to upgrade my IBM ThinkCentre A50 (8084-77G, Intel D865GKD motherboard) with a SSD S-ATA drive. Previously there was IDE one installed.

Although I already upgraded it and everything works fine, partition was successfully aligned to SSD type, but it works in Legacy mode. I can't seem to find a proper AHCI driver for this controller for Windows XP Pro, to speed things up.

Does such a driver for this very old motherboard even exist? The I/O controller is Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers.

Thanks for any help!
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    That chipset does NOT support AHCI, so you will be forced to run the SSD in IDE or "legacy" mode.

    Hope this helps
  2. Although I can set in the BIOS the AHCI mode, I think you are right - it has absolutely no effect after the system boots up. Thank you for confirming this! :)
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