Watch dogs Eyefinity VRAM requirements

Hi all,

I know its very early days in the release and with the new Eyefinity drivers just released too, but has anyone been running watchdogs on 5760 x 1080 yet and with what setup and settings?

Basically I am building a new Rig currently and due to the high Vram requirement of Watch Dogs I was also wondering if 2x 4GB R9 290's in Xfire running this game on Ultra would cope with the Vram needs of this in an Eyefinity setup.

Many thanks in advance for any contributions.
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    dual R9 290's is easily enough, Vram is not added but mirrored, so 4GB vram is easily enough, a great setup for triple screens. Those cards will cope @ 5760x1080p ultra, achieving above 50fps.
  2. Many thanks unknownofprob, my only concern was that on ultra Watch dogs is asking for 3gb vram and the extra stress of eyefinity might push it over.

    Only thing left to decide is how to utilise the new eyefinity multi resolution support. As now I can have a 1440p or larger 120/144hz monitor as my main centre screen with 2x 1080 at the sides.
  3. shouldn't be an issue with any current game, nice setup.
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