LG 25UM65 vs Dell UltraSharp U2414H

Well, im thinking about buying a new monitor, and im between these 2.
As far i know, the LG is 75hz against the 60hz of the Dell´s one, The LG its (obviously) an ultrawide screen, with higher resolution than the Dell.
The 2 monitors are IPS models, and seems to be great, price its not a problem.
Also, the Dell´s one have factory calibration (color, contrast, etc) and people says that it have a great image.
So, wich one is better, can anyone help me with this?

My pc specs are not a problem, as i have an i7-4770k and gtx 770sc, so i dont think that the little higher resolution of the LG would be a problem (but id like to know how will this affect performance if possible :3 )

thanks !

im looking on this one too: LG 29EA73 , its ultrawide like the other, but 29 inches instead 24. as i know, the 24¨ 1920x1080 screen are higher than the 25¨ ultrawide ones, so maybe with a 29 inches ultrawide one, i could get a height similar to the 24¨ 1920x1080

Forgive my bad english, its not my native language :P
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  1. the LG, easily the better option. The GTX 770 shouldn't have an issue powering that display either.
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