Corsair 850W gold PSU for HD7970 trifire

you think my 850w Gold rated PSU will run games fine with trifire HD 7970 one being a 280x, according to reviews druing gaming it uses 800w total system draw
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  1. not enough, 7970's at max TDP draw 250W, that's 750W for all three, the CPU if above an i5, that is already 850W, add the rest you will run into issues as that will be over 850W easily. You'll need a 1000W PSU for the headroom, trust me.
  2. thats at max TDP with GPGPU like bitcoin mining but druing gaming it should not exceed 800w TDP with CPU according to reviews

    with that in mind i think that this PSU could go upto 1000w
  3. yes, but you should always leave headroom for max TDP, never go for a PSU that just skips the mark, get one with sufficient wattage headroom.
  4. fair enough i guess il use 850w and downvoltage my GPUS to stock values and then save some money buy new PSU
    il get this

    Corsair RM-1000 1000W PSU
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    you don't need to underclock, you can use your current PSU, though suggest getting more watts down the road. You'll find it'll work, but once you put some load on the cards you may encounter a blue screen.
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