Will phenom ii x4 925 bottleneck a R9 280x vapor x ?

I was planning on upgrading my graphic, from a 5850 to a 'Sapphire vapor x R9 280x'
I've been told that my CPU will bottleneck my new GPU.. is that true? AND If its true and i used my Amd phenom II x4 925 with the r9280x (until i upgrade the cpu to I5 4440 OR I54570)
will it affect the r9280x on any way or just the R9280x wont give me all of its power Or it will affect the CPU ?

I have little knowledge regarding CPU's, so please enlighten me.

- Thanks in advance.
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    Bottleneck just means some games are more CPU dependent than graphics dependent, and as such you may get lower framerates than what you would expect a R9 280x to give. It will NOT harm the video card in any way, you will be fine.
  2. You may get a small bottleneck, as that CPU came out in 2009. But it shouldn't be too bad. I advise you to upgrade your CPU somewhere in the future.
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