speed fan only controls 3pin fans?

i got the new case working i like the way it looks and whatnot but i cant control the top 140mm front 120mm and side 120mm with speed fan only the cpu and rear fan i can control. they are plugged via 4pin molex passthrough. im thinking of changing the rear to molex and the top to the mobo. but anyways is there anything to control program wise to get these fans controlled?
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  1. Is there any reason why you don't use your mobo and its uefi to control the fans?

    Have you read the SpeedFan instructions?
  2. i would but this mobo is kinda old, originally the computer was bought around 2010 no idea when the mobo was released. i have read into speed fan all i see is the two fans that are plugged into the mobo. ive got limitations with this motherboard
  3. lol speedfan doesnt even detect the mobo model help? but on there site it has the foxconn
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    Contact the manufacturers. You might have a fault. Or it might not be suitable with your mobo.
  5. maybe but foxconn is on there site
  6. I didn't go to advance options and tell the fans to be controlled by software but now I've got corsair link
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