Help finding a SNES game???

Hi Guys and Girls,

I've been looking on and off for many years for this game i used to play on my SNES. Now i cant remember much but hopefully someone will be able to help me out!

So I remember the first scene of the game it's a boy/man on a boat, and i think he may have become stranded on a island. As for the game itself i remember quicksand, or something similar so you would fall in and be "teleported" to a different part of the level. I also remember the enemy thingy's were red, maybe crabs or crustacean like things. The cartridge had a large versions of one of these red thingy's as the picture. The game was i THINK pseudo-3D, aka rotated 45 degrees and and viewed from above and at a angle. Hope someone out there knows what I'm rambling on about. Also please note memory is fallible and I've probably made half this stuff up overt time so if you can think of something that's similar please let me know.

Funny thing is i don't remember enjoying the game(cartridge didn't work so well) but its intrigued me for so long id just love to play it just for the nostalgia!

Also I'm currently away from home so I logged in with Google but that created a new account, is there a way to link accounts in Toms Hardware easily? I've been on Toms for 4+ years now, but the Google login makes life easy!

Thanks All,

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    You could look through the games on this site and see if you find it:
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