How to Downgrade to windows 7 from Windows 8 with USB flash Drive - Toshiba Satellite C50-A0413

Good day,

can anyone help me please. I have changed the boot order to USB, I have disabled secure boot and even disabled the USB3.0 controller on the laptop and it refuses to boot from the flash drive (The flash drive boots fine on my desktop pc). I used DiskPart to completely remove all traces of windows 8.1 (after making back ups of course).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Did you make a boot drive of win7 or just paste an .iso on it ?
  2. andrei65 said:
    Did you make a boot drive of win7 or just paste an .iso on it ?

    it's bootable. Used Rufus even tried winsetup from USB. Like I said, when I plug it into my desktop and reboot it boots up with the flash drive like its supposed to. I read that one needs to change UEFI Boot to CSM boot, nut just as luck will have it this particular laptop's BIOS does not give me that option
  3. Follow the steps on this site :
    Make sure you select the usb flash drive !! andbackup your data
    Then download Windows 7 USB Download Tool and select your usb drive , click next and select your iso , then let it do it's stuff and boot from it again
    I always did this and it worked
  4. Here is what you need to do: (POINT 3)

    1) Boot unit and press F2 to get into BIOS
    2) Go to "Security" tab and disable "Safe Boot"
    3) Go to "Advanced" tab, select "System Configuration" then change boot mode from "UEFI" to "CSM"
    4) Press F10 to save changes and exit.

    Now you can load win7 setup and use all advanced drive-options ;)

    Good luck,
  5. Same problem here with a Satellite L50-B, I´ve tryed all the above. Tell if it worked for you... If it does the only thing that could be wrong is my ISO to USB (but used it already with sucess in other laptop/desktop).
    Just a diference: my laptop never did boot from USB. Tryed F12 boot menu and boot order in BIOS. In UEFI always goes to instaled windows and in CMS it says the disk as no system (or bootable system).
    I use Windows 7 USB Download Tool and a ISO that always worked out fine, only difference is the laptop. The other one was a L500 with 8.1 pro 64bits and this is a L50-B with Toshiba OEM 8.1 (full of "garbage")
  6. Same problem I am facing here with a Satellite L50-B, I have tried all the above, it starts copying files but hungs up for hours and then restart and then same 'copying setup files', again and again, I am unable to downgrade my system to windows 7. it has windows 8.1 (big shit - Stronsa)
    If anyone has some solution, kindly share..


    John Reed
  7. Toshiba Satellite. After not being able to boot from USB, and having a VERY frustrating experience with technical support, I feel obliged to provide the more clear answer to anyone else searching with this same problem. It is not simply enough to change your boot priority to 'USB'

    The answer is you have to disable 'Fast Startup' within windows, and then 'Secure Boot' in the bios, and once you've changed Secure boot to disabled you can then change your Boot option to 'CSM' instead of 'UEFI'. THEN, you can change the boot order priority to 'USB' first and it will actually boot your bootable usb device.

    Warning: When you change to 'CSM' boot option, your computer will no longer boot Windows until you go back and change the boot option back to 'UEFI'.

    Instructions on how to disable Fast Startup (which then gives you the ability to boot into bios) :

    Login to windows, hit the start key and 'Control Panel', then click on Control Panel. Type 'Power' and click on 'Power Options'. Then click 'Change what the power buttons do'. At the top you will see 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'. Click it, and then click Yes. At the bottom of your Power options (scroll down) you will see a 'Shutdown settings' with a 'Turn on fast startup (recommended)'. Uncheck that box and hit save changes.

    Reboot and hold down F2 at boot to enter bios

    Instructions on how to Disable Secure Boot and change to CSM boot within bios:

    Once in bios go to the security tab and change 'Secure Boot' to disabled. Then go to the Advanced tab and press the down arrow key to System Configuration and hit enter. go to 'Boot Mode' and change it from UEFI Boot to CSM Boot.

    Hit f10 to save and restart, plug in that bootable USB media and BAM, you've now got a computer working the way it should like almost every other single computer out there!

    Just remember that because Toshiba is retarded and wants to over complicate things you will have to go back into bios settings and change CSM Boot back to UEFI Boot in order to boot the OS installed on your internal harddrive.

    Hopefully this post will save you all the nightmare you get dealing with incompetent people over the phone who are underpaid in foreign countries to waste your time. Because we all know you NEVER get help until you get to a higher level of support, and these Corporate Tyrants want to charge you money for support for problems they've created with their own poor designs.
  8. thank u so much ELECTROMAN.i had to wipe my entire lap due to some virus tried the refresh and reset option both didnt work microsoft ass***** told me that whoever updates frm 8 to 8.1 using store cannot use reset option and after so much of browsing found your reply now i have found an inbuilt recovery and process is going on will take atleast 5 hrs hoping for the best thaks again
  9. Hi. I've got Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 and my question is... How downgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows7? What change in BIOS to install Windows 7 and How get to Bios in this laptop?
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